Baby elephant saves drowning Man!? Inspiring stories – Things I’m moved by, mostly generous people and amazing feats of care by animals. Like this sweet baby elephant.

The baby that saved it’s rescuer., Darrick Thomson, co-founder of Save Elephant Foundation.

According to reddit user Aurtach, the “drowning” man is Darrick Thomson, who is the co-founder of Save Elephant Foundation, and the elephant is Kham Lha who he rescued and brought the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand the previous year. Since then, the two have been inseparable, and play like this often.”

Aurtach goes on, “He (Thomson) is a goddamn hero to these elephants that he has saved, and the real story behind this video is much cooler than the title given, while the elephant is still showing compassion and care in coming to his ‘rescue’.”

For me the vision of this act of care by a wild animal is something reassuring, heartwarming, and even brings a tear to my eye.

Darrick is a co founder of the Save Elephants Foundation that is stationed in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This foundation operates the Elephant Nature Park, which shelters Kham Lha and more than 70 other rescued elephants.

The mission of the Save Elephant Foundation is to love animals so that they will love us back. Darrick Thomson has certainly put that to heart, having Kham Lha love him back.

Darrick assisted in Kham Lha’s healing after her rescue in 2015. Since then he showed love and compassion to the cub and the animal grew with fondness of him.

In the other video, Darrick and Kham Lha are seen holding hands around the park, an activity they both love doing.

Even though they are different species, they are true friends. Just as Darrick saved Kham Lha, she will go out of her own way to save him any day, even though she is an animal.

How Animals And Humans Helped Each Other To Define Humanity:

Experts who tried to examine this bond theorized that our relationship with animals contributed to our evolution as species, and helped define our humanity.

The bond between man and animals have begun since time immemorial, though for different purposes.

Throughout human existence, animals have acted as protectors, companions, and workmates.

Animals have played their part in helping herd other animals in the field, fighting alongside humans in battles, and helping in rescue missions.

Some animals even comfort humans in times of trauma or an illness while others stand as loyal friends.

We see and hear many inspiring and unbelievable stories of ferocious animals who were rescued and developed close friendships with humans.

Each of these stories touches us in ways we can’t explain. We are shown a level of love, kindness and a humane spirit, beyond the one we are used to see every day.

We are reminded that love, friendship and courage are traits not found just among humans, but among all species that can behold them.

It’s funny how some animals can teach us about being humane and having humanity more than a lot of humans can.

So the spirit of humanity might not be something exclusive to humans, nor our special creation that only we have created.

Maybe the spirit of humanity is something we’ve discovered by interacting with animals throughout our evolution, and instead of fearing, choosing to love and help each other.

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Bitcoin Price will Double as Halving Date Looms Closer – Our Countdown Clock is on

Our Bitcoin halving countdown clock is on and counting backwards to May 7, 2020, the date I predict the blockchain will reach the next halving and $BTC will be more than double its year previous price per coin. [Share our clock or copy our code and embed it yourself]

Athens, Georgia. Nelson Wells is an investor, Co-founder, CEO, and Blockchain “Futurist”

Atlanta Digital Currency Fund’s chief investment officer, Alistair Milne, has said that the block reward halving of Bitcoin could push the price of the dominant cryptocurrency to massive gains in the next 12 months, or any 12 month period leading up to the halving.

Do YOU believe Milne’s claim and basis? If so tell me why, and if not, let’s hear it.

According to an article in CCN Friday March 8, 2019 titled, “Bitcoin’s Impending ‘Halving’ Could Spark Meteoric Price Boom,” the impending ‘halving’ could lead to these massive gains.

bitcoin price halving

Bitcoin’s May 2020 halving could lead to a meteoric price boom for the flagship cryptocurrency. | Source: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration / File Photo

Bitcoin’s Impending ‘Halving’ Could Spark Meteoric Price Boom

A block reward “halving” in Bitcoin is referred to as the mechanism that decreases the amount of Bitcoin generated by miners after mining a block.

On the Bitcoin network, the blockchain, miners solve complex cryptographic problems using computing power to process transactions, which are then placed in blocks to form a blockchain.

To compensate miners, every block generates a fixed number of Bitcoin to “pay” the miners for serving the community and running the nodes which create the blocks, and this “mine” the cryptocurrency “coin.”

The block reward, or fee to miners, of the Bitcoin network decreases by half for every 210,000 Bitcoin mined. Traditionally, a block reward halving like this has led the price of Bitcoin to rally because it reduces the rate in which new BTC is produced.

As Bitcoin nears its fixed 21 million supply, the scarcity of the digital asset increases, which boosts the price and the demand from the market.

Historically, the Bitcoin price has tended to move a year before the block reward halving. While a few analysts claim that the halving is already priced in, the numbers show that it gradually gets priced over time, and even accelerates, as the cryptocurrency approaches its halving date.

See the related article by cryptocurrency author Joseph Young of Bitcoin Analysis, Bitcoin Price News at

Meanwhile, leave me your comments and thoughts on where (and why) you think Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are headed into 2020 and beyond.

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Here’s A Video of the Midengine C-8 Chevy Corvette Driving in California

Yes, here below is some new video of the Midengine (mid-engine?) Corvette Running Around California, captured and edited by none other than the venerable Raphael Orlove. Chevrolet has officially tagged it the C8 vette, and they’ve even so much as labeled the #C7 #Corvette Stingray as “the Final Edition” as witnessed at Horsepower Obsessed.

Screenshot: Driven

The Midengine Corvette is already burdened with the curse of being an expensive American car. That means it will go on auction early in its production run, and Boomer money will pile onto it and relegate the thing to “collector” status before a tire ever hits the road.

Are you one of these guys who’d like to snatch one up and let it sit (mostly) and gain value? If so, we don’t judge, just tell us below! Inquiring minds wanna know.

Regardless, from a driver’s standpoint, the car shouldn’t be trapped in a garage. It shouldn’t be forced to live out its life in a climate-controlled prison, waiting for the day that it can come back up at Barrett-Jackson with LOW MILES EARLY SERIAL NUMBER NUMBERS MATCHING COLLECTOR’S EDITION.

I say this because here’s a collection of a pre-production prototypes out in the snow and slush and sleet on a twisting California mountain road, the kind of place a traditional Corvette driver would look at and resolve to stay inside and grouse about while soaking in the hotel hot tub… – see more by Raphael Orlove 

For the full article go to Jalopnik and share and give Orlove and Jalopnik some car enthusiast love.

I don’t claim the rights to this article or any post from other sites; I’m simply a fan and enthusiast myself who likes to share and get word out on rare, collectible, unique, or otherwise hard to find or appreciating well-loved cars that are classics or soon-to-be-classics. Occasionally I post them here at .

For other Classic car info or posts on Pontiac GTO’s, E39 BMW’s, Bimmer wagons, or too many timeless classic Toyota Land Cruisers, see my other posts below or on my blog. – Nelson Wells, Athens, GA

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The Best Unsigned Artist Playlist You Haven’t Heard

At Team Clermont we host a ton of playlists. We do that because we work with dozens of artists; unsigned bands, signed groups, indie-rockers, singer-songwriters – you name it, we have it on our roster.

So it’s so refreshing when we take a step back at times like this, right now, in this moment, and listen to our entire “#unsigned” artist roster. I could go on and on about each of these amazingly talented artists (and maybe I will below), but right now I just have to share with you -and anyone you think SHOULD be listening- the most amazing Team Clermont playlist. It’s just called our 2018 Press Playlist, but for your info, these are ALL unsigned bands & singers.
So, here you go; your workday playlist to keep your toes tapping. -Please support indie music – Nelson Wells

Artist spotlights to follow.
Did you enjoy this playlist? Please let us know a favorite track or artist!

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House For Rent in Athens, GA at UGA; by Nelson Wells

Nelson Wells sexist dad Athens, Georgia near Team Clermont publicists & PR

Downtown Cottage at UGA in Athens, Georgia; A vacation rental house designed by Nelson Wells, publicist / partner at Team Clermont, and father to twin girls.

An exquisite home in a quaint “cottage” footprint in Athens, Georgia designed for comfort and efficiency. This 3 bedroom home sleeps 6-7 comfortably and is only blocks from UGA, the University of Georgia bulldogs (tha “bulldawgs” as they’re known locally) football stadium and just a 3-minute walk to 4* and 5-star restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in downtown Athens. As you enter the front door our home welcomes you with 16.8-foot ceilings, hardwood floors, stainless appliances, and black granite surface tops.  Slate stone surrounds the gas log fireplace and covers the backsplash.

Rental Rate: We have specials regularly & rates change; See !

This is a recently-built luxury modern Dwell-style 3 bedroom custom-designed home in the shell of a quaint Craftsman cottage unique to downtown Athens, Georgia. We are just a block or two from nationally ranked and awarded restaurants (The National, Seabear Oyster Bar, Last Resort Grill, 5 & 10, Big City Cafe and more), cafes, oyster bars, nightclubs, the UGA campus & all of downtown. Built in 2007, updates were completed in 2012. More updating has taken place in 2018.

You can expect the very best of in-town convenience with fine attention to detail. As you can see this home is designed with an eye for modern and minimalist detail yet with cozy bedrooms and living areas and also in a quaint Historic neighborhood just steps away from downtown Athens (literally 3 blocks walk) & the campus of The University of Georgia (UGA), as well as the Medical School Of Georgia on Prince Avenue just down the street.  

Seven high-quality restaurants are within a 1 to 2 block walk.  Three coffee shops and two coffee roasters are within a 2-3 block walk including Jittery Joes Coffee Roasters, The National, Seabear Oyster Bar, Viva Argentina, Hendershots, and the newest cafe, Buvez! 

 We have a WALK SCORE of 89! (at the walk score website), which means EVERYTHING you could need is within walking distance from this charming edge-of-downtown neighborhood including 85+ pubs, restaurants, & coffee shops. Gift shops, Bike trails, mapped distance-cycling loops, 5k & 10k run courses, jogging trails, bicycling neighborhoods, the Historic district of BLVD, the tour of homes routes, The State of Georgia Botanical Gardens, bird watching trails of Sandy Creek Nature Center, the beach & swimming & fishing lake Chapman at Sandy Creek Park and their frisbee-golf course, the public pool at Bishop Park, 3 top golf courses, the walking tour of Athens Music History.

For rentals and details please go to or click the image below.

AirBnB Nelson wells team clermont sexist pig sexism untrue stories from punk bands
AirBnB Cottage 53845 by Nelson Wells of Team Clermont

We sometimes get Georgia football game tickets; it’s rare, but it can’t hurt to ask just in case we end up with an unclaimed ticket or two for sale-purchase.

Go Dawgs!

Contact Nelson Wells for more information.

Rental Rate: We have specials & rates change regularly ; See or

google ” ” Downtown Athens Georgia UGA Home – by Nelson Wells. ” ”

Purchase: This Barrow Street home is our full-time residence and not currently listed, but inquiries are welcome. For now, book in confidence and book it early to lock in your big weekends. We can’t imagine not being in this terrific neighborhood.

We are also now on Trip Advisor here. 

 Guest Reviews:

15 Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Bryan User Profile
September 2019
Perfect house for a weekend in Athens. Can’t wait to come back!
Nelson User Profile
Response from Nelson:
Thanks, Bryan. Come back any time. – and keep bringing the winning scores, amazing weather and creature comforts IPA’s. cheers, Nelson (Nelson Wells, Team Clermont, Athens, GA)
September 2019
Sherri User Profile
May 2019
This house is perfect for families or friends that need some room to spread out. This is the second time we rented the house and hope to rent it again someday! The layout is perfect to allow is to all be together but have our own space if we need it. Nelson is an impeccable host!

Lea User Profile

November 2018
Nelson was an amazing host! He was so pleasant to work with upon securing the house 6 months in advance of our stay. He reached out 2 weeks before arrival asking me about what kind of beverages and coffee we liked. He went out of his way to make us feel welcome in his home and everything was just perfect in the house! It’s SO close to downtown, the stadium and so many great restaurants. We walked everywhere! This is a spot we’ll seek out every time we need a place to stay in Athens!
Nelson User Profile
Response from Nelson:
Thanks, Lea. We were so glad to have you and your family and friends. You all must have been out on the town enjoying the restaurants because our home was immaculate. What a great and easy crew. (I left them some locally brewed beer and they left me some great Savannah-brewed beer!) We will welcome you all back any time. Sincerely, Nelson
November 2018
Portia User Profile
October 2018
Charming Athens home in a fabulous location! Nelson was extremely accommodating and very nice to work with! THANK YOU for opening your home to our family! We hope to return for another visit so the boys can meet Darla!
Charisse User Profile
September 2018
Nelson was a gracious host offering his home during the hurricane Florence evacuation. He was quick to reply and easy-going, and though we did not need to stay in Nelson’s home it is obvious that he is a professional and kind host.
Jamee User Profile
November 2017
What a fantastic weekend! The weather was perfect, UGA won and Nelson was a thoughtful and attentive host. His home was comfortable and the location was really great.   A+
Nelson User Profile
Response from Nelson:
Come back any time, Jamee!
(Nelson Wells, Team Clermont, Athens, GA)
November 2017
Don User Profile
September 2017
Thanks Nelson, we had a great time. The house was perfect for our weekend in Athens. We will defiantly be back. Don Wilson
Nelson User Profile
Response from Nelson:
Thanks, Don. You and your family were the most immaculate we’ve had yet. It doesn’t go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated. Come back defiantly again and again. LOL.. we’d love to have you all. 🙂
(Nelson Wells, Team Clermont, Athens, GA)
September 2017
Sherri User Profile
May 2017
Nelson’s place was a great spot for us while in Athens for my son’s graduation! Walkable to downtown, great parking for everyone who stayed, easy to get in touch with Nelson and really loved it! Thanks!
November 2016
Nelson’s Athens Cottage was exactly how he described it! Charming, comfortable, and clean! We loved the neighborhood and how easy it was to walk to the game at UGA, and the wonderful restaurants just down the block. The neighborhood was quiet and safe. Nelson was very welcoming…
Nelson User Profile
Response from Nelson:
So glad you all enjoyed your stay (& the dogs won). Come back any time. (Nelson Wells, Team Clermont, Athens, GA)
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