How Threads is Creating a Positive Community for Musicians and Creatives

Why is Threads Building a Positive New Community for Musicians & Creators? – Understanding the Threads Algorithm (2023)

Nelson Wells athens, georgia team clermont CEO publicist radio promoter photo by jason thrasher
Nelson Wells, team clermont CEO publicist radio promoter in athens, georgia. photo by jason thrasher
“I was late to the game,” says Nelson Wells CEO of music PR firm Team Clermont; “I saw the launch of Threads day 1 and I just couldn’t imagine ANOTHER social media thread or account to keep up with. I also couldn’t imagine that many people would make the move from twitter to threads in any real numbers.”  As radio promotion manager and CEO of indie music form Team Clermont and investor in tech startups, Nelson has seen his share of upstarts, startups and new ventures quickly turn to failures in and around the music industry and the tech industry. “Once I finally got online and launched my @threads account – I mean, it’s just allowing your instagram account to set it up automatically- I quickly realized it felt like a community right away where people, known and unknown, were sharing content, followers, and upbeat positive messages.  They also were tapping into the amazing threads algorithm and using it to their full advantage,” added Wells.
So there I was logging in to threads for the first time with my usual social handle, “Clermont1 – Nelson Wells“, and not making any posts, but I saw musicians immediately engaging with each other,  I saw creators sharing creative outlets, I saw well known acts like Bob Mould and Patton Oswalt posting, talking with, and replying to every day Joe’s and Janes like they did in those early days of twitter when I first logged on there in 2009.  Not only that everyone was being cordial, encouraging and overwhelmingly positive.  So next I set up our @TeamClermont account and made our first generic post, a quote from the great Billy Joel about how music affects everyone, and innocuous bland -fresh with stock water drop image- meme image post that would garner little to no attention. It seemed like the right kind of first post for a music PR firm, a non-comedic, non-political music quote which most could relate to.  It got 1 reply and 16 likes – fine for a first with nary 100 followers.
The next was a post based on the trend of the moment, a post that simply asks the algorithm to connect one to likeminded creators in the community.  As the trendy “Algo-posts” tends to do, it brought 20 replies and 75 likes and bumped the teamclermont account’s followers up to 200 nearly doubling the previous. The third thread I posted from our teamclermont account was a simple play on that same algo-trend themed post which said “Seems like this algorithm thing works-Post your song!, like & follow if you like or are one:
– indie Musician or band
– Feminist /Women fronted pop bands
– Indie pop, indierock, indiefolk, indie electronic
– Singer / Songwriter
– Artist manager
– Independent music promoter
– Independent label
and so on and so forth, essentially listing any and all types of folks we’d like to engage with.  It was specific enough to tell readers, AND the algorithm, that we wanted to engage with all types of musicians and music-related content, while it was broad enough not to exclude groups of any kind.  in addition it asked the creator/reader to engage by simply posting one of their own songs up to share with others.  This one worked.. really worked. Artists, creators and musicians of all types shared songs, album covers, videos and more, and the resulting response was again more than double the previous, with 84 replies, 150 likes, and nearly 40 songs shared.  It also more than doubled our follower count to over 480.  Mind you, that is 3 posts in 3 days on a brand new account.
What is fun and fascinating about the threads algorithm, from what I can tell, is that it actually listens to our content to find other like-minded users, and the most powerful thing it does is put an equal number of unknown users,
well-known users, and users we follow in our immediate feed.  It does this in your feed and in all of our feeds.  The brilliance of this is that threads recognizes that as diverse as we all are, we benefit from that diversity and from being introduced to new people and creative works just as much as we look for the familiar.  We crave the comfort of seeing who we know or thoughts we agree with, AND we also crave new, fresh, or slightly different creative endeavors we might not have seen before or otherwise had we not been looking or open to them.  Threads not only allows us to open our minds and selves up to the new, it forces us to, and we’re all the better for it.  All of these new users and followers seem to be positive in nature, open-minded, AND they too seem to recognize just “how positive this new community of creators and musicians” is.  And it in turn feeds upon itself in a friendly communal kind of way.  For me personally it allows me to feel like I want to share even more, and share slightly more personal posts than on other platforms.  Want to know HOW this threads algorithm actually works, read on and see what fellow tech blogger Sebastian Jacob says about threads’ algorithm.  And if you feel it, please share this post & comment below.
– Nelson Wells
Swipe, scroll, repeat. It’s what we do on Threads, right? But have you ever paused to consider what’s driving that seamless scroll? Buckle up, because we’re about to reveal the threads of Threads itself.
Threads Algorithm
Table of Contents
  • Dissecting the Algorithm Behind Threads
  • Threads Algorithm and User Control
  • Future Developments in Threads Algorithm
  • Final Thoughts on Threads Algorithm

Ever felt like you’re just watching reruns on your social media feed? Seeing the same old stuff, from the same people, on repeat?

We get it, it’s like you’re stuck in some time loop where fresh content is as rare as a two-dollar bill. Well, it’s time to shake things up.

Say hello to Threads, the newest player on the block, making waves with its unique approach to content curation and networking. Amassing over a million users within the first hour of its release, and more than 150 million people currently signed up, this media mega house is quickly outshining other platforms.

Because Threads isn’t just about connecting with people you know – it’s about exploring and discovering in a way you’ve never done before.

Their secret sauce? An algorithm designed to break free from the echo chamber and throw open the doors to a fresh, engaging social experience.

Dissecting the Algorithm Behind Threads

Alright, let’s cut to the chase. When we’re talking algorithms, we’re talking about the behind-the-scenes machinery that decides what you see on your feed. With Threads, they’ve taken the classic recipe and added their own flavor, creating a unique, hybrid system that gives you a fresh, diverse mix of content.

1. Breaking Down the Threads Feed

Think of Threads like a DJ at a party. It takes the beats you’re vibing with (the accounts you follow), tosses in some surprise tracks (posts from undiscovered creators), and makes a unique mix that keeps the party going.

So, how does Threads pick these surprise tracks? It’s not just random. Instead, it uses an algorithm to scan and learn from your likes, shares, and engagement patterns. It then uses this intel to find similar content that it thinks you’ll jive with.

This means your Threads feed is a curated buffet of content – some familiar, some new, but all hand-picked (through an algorithm) to keep you entertained. 

But here’s the kicker – Threads does more than just mix the tracks. It also tries to strike a balance between keeping you in your comfort zone and nudging you to explore.

2. Post Ranking vs Content Discovery

Picture yourself at a buffet. You’ve got your favorite dishes you always go for, but then you see a new dish. Do you try it? Threads’ algorithm plays into this exact scenario, balancing between showing you posts from accounts you follow (your favorites) and posts from new creators (the new dishes).

Unlike other platforms where your favorites take the top spots, Threads gives an equal chance to the new dishes. The algorithm isn’t biased towards accounts you follow, but instead, uses a strategy of content discovery, actively pushing content from undiscovered creators, and nudging you to try out these new dishes.

But why does Threads do this? The answer’s simple – diversifying your content consumption. Instead of sticking to what you know, Threads wants you to explore, discover new creators, and broaden your horizons.

Now, don’t get us wrong – the algorithm doesn’t throw your favorites out the window. It just doesn’t put them on a pedestal. So, while you’ll still see posts from accounts you follow, you’ll also get a healthy serving of content from creators you might not know yet.

Threads Algorithm and User Control

While Threads’ algorithm definitely has its own song and dance, it’s no dictator. It’s all about empowering you, the user, to call the shots. It incorporates a range of user actions, like blocking, restricting, and reporting, into its modus operandi, all while keeping your experience top-notch.

1. Algorithm’s Role in Synchronized Blocking

Do you know how you can block those pesky profiles that keep popping up on Instagram? Well, Threads is on the same page. Once you’ve hit the block button on Threads, Instagram takes a hint. No need to repeat the action on Instagram since the algorithm is smart enough to get the message and block the account there too.

This synchronization between Instagram and Threads is part of the algorithm’s design. Its aim is to keep you feeling safe, secure, and comfortable across both platforms. No room for unwanted content here. Your Threads feed remains a zone where you can engage freely, without any distractions from profiles you’d rather not see.

2. How ‘Hidden Words’ Influence Content Delivery

Threads goes a step further with its ‘hidden words’ feature, a nifty tool where you can set certain words or phrases that you’d rather not see in your feed.

The algorithm acts like a bouncer at the door of your feed, taking your list of ‘hidden words’ and screening every single post, weeding out any content that includes these words. It’s your personal filter, designed to keep your feed clean of content that doesn’t vibe with you.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Threads algorithm is also observant, not just blocking posts containing your ‘hidden words’, but also learning from them. It’s using this information to understand your preferences better and deliver content that aligns with your tastes.

This means the ‘hidden words’ aren’t just a filter, they’re a tool for personalizing your feed. The algorithm uses these words to curate a feed that’s tailor-made for you, because in the end, the Threads algorithm is designed to serve you.

Future Developments in Threads Algorithm

The algorithm, while already impressive, isn’t kicking back and taking it easy. The Threads team is gearing up for the future, with updates and enhancements to the algorithm in the pipeline.

Listening is a big part of what Threads does. User feedback isn’t just welcomed; it’s actively shaping the way the Threads algorithm will function in the future. Take the demand for a chronological feed, for instance. A simple, logical request, right? The team is all ears and is actively exploring ways to make this a reality.

This is the beauty of Threads. It isn’t just a platform but a community, where every user’s voice matters. The algorithm isn’t a static entity but a dynamic, responsive system that evolves to serve users better. So keep those suggestions coming because, with Threads, change is the only constant!

Final Thoughts on Threads Algorithm

The Threads algorithm is more than just a clever piece of tech. It’s a user-centric design that puts you at the heart of the experience. It adapts, learns, and evolves to create a social media environment that’s engaging, relevant, and distinctly you.

Here are a Few Key Points to Keep in Mind:

  • Embrace the Balance: The Threads algorithm provides a mix of familiar and new. Engage with both types of content to make the most of it.
  • Utilize ‘Hidden Words: Use this feature to control your feed and help the algorithm understand your preferences better.
  • Stay Tuned For Updates: Threads is a responsive platform. Stay aware of new changes and don’t hesitate to share your feedback.

The Threads algorithm isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, but a tool to help you customize your social media experience. So hop on, start using it, and enjoy the ride!


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