Baby elephant saves drowning Man!? Inspiring stories – Things I’m moved by, mostly generous people and amazing feats of care by animals. Like this sweet baby elephant.

The baby that saved it’s rescuer., Darrick Thomson, co-founder of Save Elephant Foundation.

According to reddit user Aurtach, the “drowning” man is Darrick Thomson, who is the co-founder of Save Elephant Foundation, and the elephant is Kham Lha who he rescued and brought the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand the previous year. Since then, the two have been inseparable, and play like this often.”

Aurtach goes on, “He (Thomson) is a goddamn hero to these elephants that he has saved, and the real story behind this video is much cooler than the title given, while the elephant is still showing compassion and care in coming to his ‘rescue’.”

For me the vision of this act of care by a wild animal is something reassuring, heartwarming, and even brings a tear to my eye.

Darrick is a co founder of the Save Elephants Foundation that is stationed in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This foundation operates the Elephant Nature Park, which shelters Kham Lha and more than 70 other rescued elephants.

The mission of the Save Elephant Foundation is to love animals so that they will love us back. Darrick Thomson has certainly put that to heart, having Kham Lha love him back.

Darrick assisted in Kham Lha’s healing after her rescue in 2015. Since then he showed love and compassion to the cub and the animal grew with fondness of him.

In the other video, Darrick and Kham Lha are seen holding hands around the park, an activity they both love doing.

Even though they are different species, they are true friends. Just as Darrick saved Kham Lha, she will go out of her own way to save him any day, even though she is an animal.

How Animals And Humans Helped Each Other To Define Humanity:

Experts who tried to examine this bond theorized that our relationship with animals contributed to our evolution as species, and helped define our humanity.

The bond between man and animals have begun since time immemorial, though for different purposes.

Throughout human existence, animals have acted as protectors, companions, and workmates.

Animals have played their part in helping herd other animals in the field, fighting alongside humans in battles, and helping in rescue missions.

Some animals even comfort humans in times of trauma or an illness while others stand as loyal friends.

We see and hear many inspiring and unbelievable stories of ferocious animals who were rescued and developed close friendships with humans.

Each of these stories touches us in ways we can’t explain. We are shown a level of love, kindness and a humane spirit, beyond the one we are used to see every day.

We are reminded that love, friendship and courage are traits not found just among humans, but among all species that can behold them.

It’s funny how some animals can teach us about being humane and having humanity more than a lot of humans can.

So the spirit of humanity might not be something exclusive to humans, nor our special creation that only we have created.

Maybe the spirit of humanity is something we’ve discovered by interacting with animals throughout our evolution, and instead of fearing, choosing to love and help each other.


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